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Backend Development

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Backend Development

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·Nov 19, 2022·

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What Is Backend Development?

Web development activities that are done at the back end of programs are referred to as back end development. Back-end development covers server-side web application logic and integration and activities, like writing APIs, creating libraries, and working with system components instead of frontend development, which focuses on customer-facing services and programs. Backend developers build code that allows a database and an application to communicate with one another. Backend developers take care and maintain the back-end of a website, Including databases, servers, and apps, and they control what you don't see.

Who Is a Backend Developer?

Now that you’ve gotten an introduction into what is backend development, it is important to also understand what the role is all about. A backend developer's job entails focusing on website architecture, scripting, and writing code that communicates between the website’s database and the user's browser. Data consistency and integrity must be ensured.

You will cover the responsibilities of a backend developer in the coming sections, so keep reading.

Not everybody can become a backend developer. A specific skill set is crucial. Let’s look at some of these skills.

Backend Developer Skills

Next step in understanding what is backend development is knowing the wide array of skills that are needed to be successful as a backend developer today;

  • Python

  • Java

  • PHP

  • SQL

  • Git

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • JavaScript

  • Communication

Data Structures and Algorithms

A backend developer creates code that does relational mapping to retrieve data from a database. MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL SERVER, MongoDB, and Oracle Database are some of the most widely used DBMS. It's crucial to have a good understanding of how they work.

Programming Languages and Frameworks

Programming languages and frameworks are next on the list. An in-depth understanding of backend programming languages is one of the most important skills of a backend developer. This comprises the items listed below.

NodeJS and ExpressJS are examples of JavaScript environments.

Java, in particular, was designed from the start to be used on the server. Spring and Java Server Faces are two popular Java frameworks.

Python is the most widely used programming language. It's adaptable and simple to use. Backend development is done with Python frameworks like Django and Flask.

In Windows systems, the C# language is the recommended architecture for backend programming.

PHP, Perl, and Ruby are some of the other languages available. Because backend and frontend developers collaborate so closely, having a basic understanding of front-end web technologies like HTML and CSS is also beneficial.

Proficiency is essential not just for day-to-day tasks, but also for developing solutions alongside frontend developers.

Database Management Systems

A backend developer creates code that does relational mapping to retrieve data from a database. MySQL, SQL SERVER and PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Oracle Database are some of the most widely used DBMS. It's crucial to have a good understanding of how they work.

Version Control

Version control systems aid in the management of project files and the tracking of the user's whole history. Git, GitHub, and Subversion are some of the most popular ones.

Git aids in the management of project files. It maintains track of everything the user has worked on in the past. GitHub is a web-based version control service using Git. The user can examine other people's code, spot errors, and even suggest modifications.

Web Hosting Platforms

Web hosting solutions enable you to place your product on a cloud service provider and access it via the internet. Amazon Web Services(AWS), Google Cloud Platform(GCP), Microsoft Azure, and Heroku are all popular options.

A backend developer should, of course, have non-technical skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, effective communication, and analytical abilities. It is important for a backend developer to also be able to work both as part of a team, and independently.

Backend Developer Roles and Responsibilities

Now that you’ve gotten a more detailed understanding of what is backend development, it is time to explore some popular and in-demand job roles in this field.

Some of the popular Backend developer roles are as follows-

Back End Developer

Java Developer

Full-Stack Developer

DevOps Engineer

Software Engineer

iOS Developer

Backend Developer Responsibilities

To design effective and efficient solutions, they must first gain a thorough grasp of the website's performance demands and goals.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) development and administration.

Develop data acceptance and storage solutions for websites, particularly for those involved in payment processing.

Write, test, and maintain development solutions for code-related problems are all part of the job.

To identify new features, communicate effectively with developers, designers, and system administrators.

Create a website architecture by utilizing correct product lifecycle approaches, such as Agile Scrum and frameworks.

Organize the system logic.

Provide remedies to difficulties with the system.

Debug and troubleshoot apps.

Backend Developer Salary

Now you will walk through the salaries for backend developers.

The average salary of a backend developer in the US is around $102K/yr.

The average salary of a backend developer in India is around 7.23lakhs/yr

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